The sound of the city meets the sand”


Singer. Songwriter. Multi-instrumentalist.

Chrissy is an Australian/American independent acoustic-pop artist who promotes feel good vibes and impresses audiences with her funky rhythm playing. 

Drawing from a multitude of styles and influences including pop, hip hop, reggae and rock, Chrissy is constantly evolving her sound and recently added live looping to her set. People have commented that her music contains stylistic elements of Jack Johnson, Colbie Caliat and Jason Mraz. 

With over a decade of live performance experience on guitar, bass and ukulele,  Chrissy relishes bringing new life to existing songs. Tunes by Madonna, 50 Cent, Post Malone and The White Stripes have been rearranged to deliver something familiar with a twist! 

Chrissy is endorsed by Kanile'a Ukulele and Godin Guitars and has played across the USA, Australia, Mexico and Canada. Her performance experience includes headlining festivals and playing on boat cruises. She is also a passionate educator, film composer, songwriter and music producer. 

Part of Chrissy's unique style can be traced to her rock band roots blended with ukulele choir influences. Her  PhD study of rap poetics and the history and development of the musical on screen give her a lyrical edge and many of her original songs feature rap bridges. 

The gritty streets and hustle culture of Los Angeles juxtaposed with the sun, surf and the California dream make its way into Chrissy' music and embeds itself in your subconscious via infectious melodies. Her lyrics cover topics such as fantasizing  about being a cat burglar, escaping to Mexico for 'tuxedo's and margaritas' and appreciating the life that you have while making the best of what you've got. 

Don't miss your chance to have Chrissy play for you. 

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