4 Week Songwriting Workshop (Latest Workshop)

This is a four-week workshop made up of 4 x 2hr lessons. Each week we'll go deep into an aspect of songwriting. Week 1 will explore Lyrics, Week 2 will explore Melody and Rhythm, Week 3 will explore Harmony, and Week 4 we'll look at Reverse Engineering a song. The workshop will conclude with a concert where everyone gets to perform their song.

Hello Ukulele 

This workshop will take the participant from raw beginner to strumming along to popular songs. The workshop is divided into three halves. The first half is an introduction to the ukulele and basic musical concepts, strumming patterns, and chords. The second half teaches the participants songs starting with a two chord song and then adding a new chord for each new song. The strumming patterns will also increase in difficulty. The third half is the most fun part! This is where you get to perform a concert with the group using the information and songs that you have learned in the workshop. Walk away with a smile.  


Spice Up Your Strumming! 

This workshop can be increased or decreased in complexity depending on the skill level of participants. This workshop takes participants from simple down up strumming patterns to percussive strumming patterns, syncopated patterns, and patterns that combine picking and strumming. Players will learn a series of songs and how to apply light and shade to their playing by applying different patterns to different song sections.  


Improvisation 101 

Ever wanted to know how to play a lead break but didn't know where to start? This workshop will take participants through the basics of improvisation starting with the major scale and the notes in the first position. Participants will learn how to create musical phrases, learn basic music theory and how it applies to improvisation, and how to inject emotion into your playing. 


Introduction To Songwriting

Ever wanted to try your hand at songwriting but didn’t know where to start? By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the tools you need to write your own song. In fact, the last portion of this workshop will involve writing a song as a group so you can put your knowledge into practice. I’ll begin by demonstrating the various approaches to songwriting. We’ll discuss basic theory so you’ll understand how to construct a chord progression and have a better grasp on what chords will sound ‘right’ together. We’ll look at existing songs and deconstruct what progressions are used, analyze lyrics, melody, and song structure. Finally, you’ll put on your creative thinking cap and work as a group to brainstorm a song!